December 6-8,2013
Hilton Americas, Houston, TX, USA

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Sustainibility, Breakout 3

Title: Renewables: Will They Deliver?

This session is sponsored by ABS.

The current world population of 7 billion is expected to increase by 20% by 2035. Subsequently, the demand for electricity alone is projected to grow by 70%. World’s energy needs today are met mainly by fossil fuels. They cause substantial carbon emissions and energy insecurity due to related geopolitics. Renewable energy resources are cleaner, more abundantly available, and perhaps can help with energy security. However, they do face several challenges too:

  • Will wind and solar become cost competitive compared to conventional energy resources?
  • Will renewables survive without subsidies and be alternative to cheaper natural gas?
  • Will grids be able to cope with the variable nature of renewables?
  • What more technological breakthroughs are needed to move beyond boutique and niche?
  • What new business models are needed for renewables? They still comprise only a small portion of the global energy production.
  • What solutions are required for the developing world?

The panel comprises of world leaders from the renewable energy industry who have “been there and done it.” They will discuss the challenges and opportunities in future, particularly with wind and solar. Our panel will attempt to answer: “Will renewables contribute significantly to the global energy mix and deliver a sustainable solution?”



Jigar Shah, CEO, Jigar Shah Consulting

Michael Skelly, Founder & President, Clean Line Energy

Sunil Sinha, Co-founder & Chairman, Ensupra Solar, LLC

Pattabi Seshadri, Global Lead, Power & Gas Utilities Sector, Boston Consulting Group

Joel Kurtzman (Moderator), Senior Fellow, Center for a Sustainable Energy Future, Milken Institute


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