December 6-8,2013
Hilton Americas, Houston, TX, USA

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Tangible benefits of the conference - IITians give back

Endeavors range from setting up a $1M center at IIT Kharagpur to start-up funds for new ventures to funding scholarships to new chapters and many more

Life Science, Breakout 4

Title: Bugs and Drugs in the next century: New challenges and innovative thinking for meeting them

Panelists will discuss major healthcare threats and innovative approaches currently underway.  Dr. Hotez will share the impact on U.S. residents from what were historically called “tropical diseases”.  He will also share the need to develop new ways of addressing these major diseases including developing vaccines against these global killers.  Dr. Davis will share the critical role that NASA and technology has and continues to play in identifying and addressing health issues back on earth.  Bringing new technologies to patients involves the FDA and clinical trial.  Dr. Sawhney will share some of the innovative models of drug development that are emerging that can help us get us past the clinical trial bottleneck and Mr. Vangal will share his experience in bringing traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicines through the rigorous drug development process in India and the U.S.  Dr. Bose will moderate the discussion from his vantage point as a leader of research and innovation.


  • ·         Peter Hotez: Dean, National School of Tropical Medicine, President, Sabin Vaccine Institute
  • ·         Jeffrey Davis: Director, Human Health and Performance, NASA Johnson Space Center
  • ·         Amar Sawhney: President, Ocular Therapeutix, Inc.
  • ·         Ramesh Vangal: Chariman, Katra Group
  • ·         Rathindra Bose: Vice Chancellor, Research and Technology Transfer, University of Houston

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