December 6-8,2013
Hilton Americas, Houston, TX, USA

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Tangible benefits of the conference - IITians give back

Endeavors range from setting up a $1M center at IIT Kharagpur to start-up funds for new ventures to funding scholarships to new chapters and many more

Innovation, Breakout 4

Title: Future Tomorrow’s India Catalysts and Challenges to Growth

India and Indians are always proud of the country’s glorious heritage, rich history and significant contributions to humanity. India’s recent history, especially since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution until 1947, had been tragic. Since then, this young democracy’s recovery has been miraculous on several fronts; example: life expectancy increased from 32 years to about 74 years; literacy has increased from 7% to 70% or so. However, we live in the present, and it is vital that the country poised to take the title of the most populated country look into the future and prepare for it. The panel will discuss various aspects of the promise that is India, and the catalysts/challenges that aid/hinder fulfilling the aspirations of its citizens, while simultaneously playing a responsible global role.


  • ·         Yaten Agarwal
  • ·         John Fennerty
  • ·         P Harish

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