December 6-8,2013
Hilton Americas, Houston, TX, USA

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Endeavors range from setting up a $1M center at IIT Kharagpur to start-up funds for new ventures to funding scholarships to new chapters and many more

Energy, Plenary 5

 Title: The Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040

Energy, in all its forms, is critical to economic growth, development and social welfare. From the most modern cities to the smallest communities in the developing world, reliable access to affordable energy is necessary to drive long-term economic and social progress. Global energy demand is expected to increase by approximately 35 percent in 2040, driving communities across the globe to focus on energy efficiency and greater diversification of energy supplies. Evolving demand and supply patterns will open the door for increased global trade opportunities. Around 2030, the nations of North America will likely transition from a net importer to a net exporter of oil and oil-based products. This presentation will provide a long-term view of the world’s energy future over the next three decades, highlighting changes in global demand, and how that demand will be met by various energy sources including natural gas, which is predicted to be the world’s fastest-growing major energy source in future years.


  • ·         Rob Gardner: Economics and Energy Division, ExxonMobil Corporation

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