December 6-8,2013
Hilton Americas, Houston, TX, USA

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Tangible benefits of the conference - IITians give back

Endeavors range from setting up a $1M center at IIT Kharagpur to start-up funds for new ventures to funding scholarships to new chapters and many more

Education, Breakout 2

Title: Early and K-12 education — transformative models for large-scale impact

Providing excellent education that is accessible to all members of the society is the “holy grail” of early and K-12 education in the US, India and around the world. 

The US is facing significant teacher shortage in STEM fields.  The quality of public school education has significant variation.  And the state’s ability to fund the public schools system has come under significant pressure.  There are a number of efforts to make early and K-12 education better with initiatives such as Common Core curriculum, outcomes based learning, adaptive learning, project-based learning and more.

Indian education faces a severe capacity issue – with about 29% of its population (approx. 353 million), between 0-14 years and 18% (approx. 222 million) between 15-24 years, its schools and universities’ faculty and infrastructure significantly lags behind the demand. At the K-12 level Indian students are neither doing well in international tests such as  “Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)” and nor in the national survey  “Annual Status of Education Report (ASER)” conducted by Pratham.

The panel consisting of leaders of NGOs, entrepreneurs, business executive and a Provost of a world-class research university will share their insights on models for making an impact at a large scale.  And, discuss opportunities, challenges and ideas to make early and K-12 education more accessible and excellent.


  • ·         Madhav Chavan: co-founder and CEO, President, Pratham
  • ·         Paul F. Corey: President, Pearson Education’s Science, Business & Technology Division
  • ·         Mike Feinberg: co-Founder, KIPP and Superintendent KIPP Houston
  • ·         George McLendon, Provost, Rice University (Moderator)
  • ·         Ranjani Saigal: Executive Director, Ekal Vidyalaya



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