December 6-8,2013
Hilton Americas, Houston, TX, USA

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IIT 2013 Global Conference ended on Dec 8th, 2013. Conference team sincerely appreciates your attendance and support. We have been humbled by the feedback we have received. It is for you to judge. Please send your feedback to, or on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Tangible benefits of the conference - IITians give back

Endeavors range from setting up a $1M center at IIT Kharagpur to start-up funds for new ventures to funding scholarships to new chapters and many more

Airport Transfer

IIT 2013 Global Conference has negotiated rates with Empress Transportation Services to provide airport transfers from both IAH or Hobby and the event venue – Hilton Americas, 1600 Lamar, Houston TX 77002. The rates, how-to reserve and cancellation policy are listed below:

Rates (Only for IIT2013 Global Conference Participants):

Airport Transfers from IAH or Hobby Airport and Hilton Americas (each way) –

1. Town car Sedan: $75.00 + 15% Gratuity
2. SUV 6-7 Pax: $85.00 + 15 % Gratuity
** NIGHT CHARGES: All pickups schedules between the hours of 12:00 AM – 6:00 AM are subject to early or late pick up fee of $25

How-to Reserve:

The reservation can be made online using the following web link or through telephone or fax as below:
[Preferred] Direct Online Reservation: Click Here
Tel: 281-997-7085
Fax: 281-997-1688
Discount Code: IIT2013

• All reservations must be booked and secured with individual’s own credit card. The card will not be charged until a day before the service.
• All reservations will be confirmed through email and will have reservation #.
• In the event of any changes, please refer to the reservation # and passengers last name to avoid making any unnecessary changes.
• Changes made within 24 hours of pick-up time, should be followed up by telephone.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation of service requires 24 hours prior notice.


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